The Ordinary: Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% REVIEW

Deciem ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 5% is a POTENT antioxidant that gently exfoliates the skin, revealing a brighter, smoother and more supple complexion! It promises instantaneous results, revealing a brighter complexion the morning after use.

I had first seen Wayne Goss RAVE about the “miraculous” and “instant” brightening properties of this product and I was intruiged…

To be quite honest, I had taken the risk of purchasing a potent acid to use on my acid virgin skin…THANK GOD it didn’t backfire!

All of my “The Ordinary” purchased are made off of Cult Beauty, a phenomenal UK based Beauty website that sells everything from skincare, makeup, beauty tools, hair care and lifestyle products.

See my Cult Beauty shopping experience here.

Now, let’s get into the review!

Firstly, I did not notice instantaneous results; which is okay because I did not expect it to work immediately for me. Upon usage I had noticed the product really tingled on the skin and had felt slightly more burning around my nose, also expected.

Secondly, after ONLY 8 uses (using the products every 3-4 days) I had noticed my skin looking extraordinarily radiant, supple and feeling SO soft and smooth!

I had woken up, in the morning of my 8th use, and noticed my skin emitting a highlighter like GLOW 😱!

It was in that moment that I truly believed in this product.

I had accomplished the coveted glass looking skin with one simple, yet powerful product!

Soft, smooth and GLOSSY 🀀!

Thirdly, although not completely, this product had also lightened the pigmentation and acne scarring on my cheeks, after only 8 uses!


And it only costs Β£5.90!

I would highly recommend this product for anybody whose skin needs a proper “pick me up”, or who suffers with dullness and pigmentation issues.

Cult Beauty frequently offers free INTERNATIONAL shipping, AND you don’t pay any customs charges! (Provided your order is kept below Β£40)

Would you be willing to try this product? What product from The Ordinary is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thank you so much if you’ve made it this far ❀️

Lots of love



See attached product log, documenting my product usage and skin updates


Flavour Nation Flavouring- Caramel Popcorn Cake Pops πŸΏ

If you’ve been following my stories, then you will know that I was invited by Value City to come and have a look at their AMAZING baking range, just in time for Eid!

To be honest, I was actually planning on going to Value City (situated in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal) to get myself a few bits and pieces for decorating my Eid desserts!

The star of the show is the Flavour Nation flavourings, which I was told is INCREDIBLE and absolutely spot on in its flavour! In fact, it’s said to be one of the most spot on flavourings.

I used the flavour “Caramel Popcorn” 🍿 flavouring, in a little mission to make DELICIOUS caramel popcorn cake pops πŸ™Š!

The flavouring is clear, so it does not tamper with the colour of your mixture whatsoever! When I had first opened the flavouring, I was instantly hit with the caramel popcorn scent! And I was extremely (pleasantly) surprised that it is not smell artificial AT ALL! In fact, it smelt distinctly of Diddle Daddle caramel popcorn!

The flavouring was added into the cake I had baked -which, when I took out from the oven, smelt distinctly of diddle daddle caramel popcorn 😍! The flavour was SPOT ON!

Once the cake was baked and cooled, I had crumbled it into a separate bowl and got it prepared to bind. As a binding agent I had created an icing with the Sugar Lane Caramel Spread from Value City.

The caramel popcorn cake was complimented beautifully by the Sugar Lane Caramel Spread, these cake pops are a caramel lovers dream 😍🀀!

Sugar Lane Caramel Spread


The cake itself does NOT taste artificially flavoured whatsoever, which was something I was worried about, but rather has a beautiful warm caramel smell and delicious caramel popcorn flavour that is not at all overpowering !

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend you trying out these flavourings from Value City! There is a massive variety of absolute unique flavours that can be used to flavour cakes, macaroons, burfee, sojee, mocktails and even your tea or coffee, according to your pallet 🀀! The possibilities are endless really πŸ˜„.

Just a few of the Flavour Nation Flavourings

Here is a price list of all of the items I received from Value City:

***The serving board was purchased by myself



I hope you had enjoyed this little foodie post as much as I had enjoyed making these delicious Cake Pops πŸ’ƒπŸ»!!

***Disclaimer, items received were given to test and review***

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My first INTERNATIONAL shopping experience! πŸŒβœˆοΈπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Hey Daisy kiddoossss!

So, let’s cut to the chase, I was initially going to post this story on my Instagram…but there was simply too much to tell! So for ease of convenience, I decided to post it on my blog 😼.

On the 20th January I had placed an order with Tarte cosmetics where I purchased 2 Shape Tape concealers! I just could not justify paying R640 each from a reseller πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ, so I waited till Tarte had FREE international shipping so that I could purchase two for R320 each. Altogether my order amounted to R740 and I had anticipated paying around R270 for customs fees.

I processed the payment and payed with a credit card and shortly after received an email from Tarte saying that they had received my order.

For the next month, every second day, I would check the TRACKING INFORMATION provided for me on my Tarte account:

  • 22nd-26th January- Package in transit in the origin country.
  • The next two and a half weeks, silence…
  • 15th February: Package had arrived in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦, was held at customs from 12:57AM till 09:43PM! Considering the horror stories, I was pretty relieved at that 😰! In fact, I squealed with excitement when I received the notification 🀣.
  • 26th February- Failed delivery attempt. This had left me confused, so I waited for the second delivery attempt.
  • 9th March- That morning I had contacted DHL and was advised to request a local tracking number from Tarte, as no other tracking information had been logged since the 26th.I emailed the company and they responded, saying that they’re going to issue me a refund. For the second time, I had requested just the tracking number, and received a response saying that they believe my package πŸ“¦ is lost in transit and that a refund will be issued; I accepted.img_9944.jpg
  • 12th March: Received an SMS from the post office notifying me that my parcel had arrived 😐, I was provided with a reference number and the amount due for customs; R327 (not too bad)img_9995

***Here is a document that I was made to sign that provides a breakdown on how the customs was calculated:

HERES THE FUNNY PART, the refund had already reflected by then 😐! So I contacted the company after picking up the parcel, and inquired if it was possible for me to pay them again since my package had arrived. They responded by saying that it was not possible and I should enjoy my products…

My email…

Their response…


I was SHOOK, I had only paid R327 (technically) for TWO Shape Tape concealers! Stroke of luck perhaps? πŸ˜‚

It was pretty insane guys.

If I had purchased it from a local reseller it would have amounted to:

R640 x 2 = R1280

R1280 + R45/R50/R95(Shipping)= R1325/R1330/R1375!!!

For two concealers? HELL NOOOO

Purchasing it directly from Tarte Cosmetics (when they offered FREE international shipping amounted to:

R320 x 2 = R740

R750 + R327 (customs) = R1067!!!

That’s definitely more reasonable in my opinion.

I do understand, however, that I had not paid for these items but I had every intention on doing so before and even after they had arrived.

I purchased the shades MEDIUM for hilightingand TAN SAND to match my skin tone, for those of you who are interested:

For shade reference I am:


EstΓ©e Lauder Double wear – Henna

So yeah guys! That’s been my first ever international shopping experience, it’s important to keep in mind that not all experiences are good, not all experiences are bad, and some are outright INSANE! Tariffs are different depending on the item you purchase, with the tariffs for clothing being really high! I was advised to retrieve information on tariffs from the SARS website and our Government website (sub topic being Import Customs).

Are any of you considering taking your shopping addiction international πŸŒπŸ‘€? If you so, or if you already had, I’d love to hear your stories!

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Thank you all for all the love and supporrrtttttt!!!!

Until the nextone…BYEE ❀

Vero: To download, or not to download?

Hey there guys and happy Wednesdaisy!

Okay to be fair though, today felt more like a Monday than Monday had…it was CRAP. But, I felt that it would be good if I put this post up whilst the topic of the, recently popular, app Vero is still making headlines.


Over the past 2 or 3 days I have noticed more and more people coaxing their Instagram followers to follow them on a new app to hit the app store…Vero.

In actual fact, Vero had been developed and launched in 2015 but had only gained an extreme surge in popularity over the past few months.

Vero is a social sharing app that is not restricted to photo or video; it also encompasses the sharing of links, text, films, books, TV shows…anything, you name it! It also boasts to provide users with a chronological timeline, as well as not sharing users personal and private information with third parties and so on. Vero’s most coaxing promise that seems to be swaying the masses over is: “…no algorithms and no data mining. Ever.” (

In the forefront, the app looks and sounds promising, but once we dig in deeper it all begins to get a bit shady. I personally didn’t really feel an immense need to download the app as I had found it quite random, odd and absolutely dodgy!

My gut was right however, when mainstream media had gotten absolutely flooded with articles speaking of Aymin Hariri’s (Vero C.E.O) past business dealings, as well as Vero’s SUPER BUGGY interface. The Daily Beast refers to the social media app as “a very buggy Instagram clone…” where journalist Taylor Lorenz speaks about the app and Aymin Hariri’s problematic past. Many users seem to be unaware that the app will soon transform into a subscription service whereby users who join in the future will have to pay a yearly fee of “just a few dollars per year” in order to utilize the app as the app will not receive finances from ANY ad revenue. ALSO, once you join the app, there’s no deleting your account that easy…in order to delete your account you have to send in a request for review to the company in order to delete your account! WHY THOUGH!? It just screams sub standard. The app is not receiving great ratings too, with majority being 1 star reviews with users complaining about the app being “unusable” and “extremely buggy”…all seeming really shoddy to me.


(Image taken from

Now, about Aymin Hariri…

Aymin Hariri is a Lebanese billionaire businessman residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There has been a lot of talk on his past business, Saudi Oger, falling through, with thousands of immigrant workers abandoned and losing their jobs.

“Throughout his time there, the company was plagued with problems and allegations of abuse and under Hariri’s watchΒ over 31,000 complaints of non paymentΒ for wages were filed against the Saudi Oger.

The company was so negligent that in some cases theΒ Saudi Arabian government had to step inΒ and provide food and basic living supplies to workers spurned by the company.

Unpaid workers were forced to live in crowded dorms in labor camps constructed by the company,Β Reuters reported in 2016. Throughout their time working for the company many workers were denied access to food, water, and medical care.

So far, there have been no allegations of abuse or unpaid wages made against Vero, however many in the tech community have spoken out about against Hariri, imploring users not to download his app, with many voices citing his past infractions at Saudi Oger as a reason to delete Vero.” (The Daily Beast)

“Due to alleged mismanagement, corruption and falling oil prices, Saudi Oger suffered a significant financial impact, and failed to provide monthly salaries to its employees as of November 2015.[6]

The French government appealed to the government of Saudi Arabia to assist 200 distressed French employees of Saudi Oger.[7]

About 9,000 Filipino workers were appealing to both local officials and their country’s embassy to help them resolve their escalating labor problem in terms of eight to nine months’ salary due, some not having been paid since November 2015.[8]

The company had recently shut down the canteen for foreign workers. Some workers continue to rely on food donations” (…

The mishandling of Saudi Oger and the ill treatment of the employees therein is APPALLING to say the least!

I am sharing this information with you guys in order for you to retrieve some background knowledge on the makers of this new “social media sensation” and perhaps help you to make your decision before jumping onto the Vero bandwagon!

I know I’ve made my decision…

The Social Matrix (Instagram and the Blogosphere)…

Hey guys πŸ’•! Happy Weekend Daisy Kids! 🌼

So, today’s post is a really special one, as it is a collaboration with my fellow creator, and now friend, Sabeehah_m! We have decided, for our collab, to write a 2 part article on the ins and outs of the Instagram community and social media at large! Check out Part 1: “Support Support” on Sabeehah’s blogΒ Bitter or Sweet (πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ click this link). For Part 2, I will be touching on a few pointers that have personally been adopted by myself, that has allowed me to be carefree and happy to do what I am doing within our community. I will also be touching on a few aspects to provide insight on the realities of social media as an industry among others 😊


All points made are from mere observation, I’m not in any way trying to put down anybody or negate anybody’s hustle WHATSOEVER. Also note that bloggers, big or small, are not exempt from any of the points mentioned, I am not targeting anyone.

(Image captured and composed by myself 🌼)

Without further ado, let’s get into my thoughts 🧐!

It is very important to be aware of how Instagram has changed as a social media platform. I mean, an app that I loved for it simply being to share photographic and video content, has now been morphed into a capitalist platform that favours businesses and larger accounts. This is affecting A LOT of creatives and smaller businesses, who are so genuine in their affairs, from gaining their well deserved exposure in the industry; creating a pretty prominent social ladder and not providing an equal chance of fair exposure to those who have the potential. It’s almost like we have to pay for sponsored posts in order to reach our OWN FOLLOWING! #Banthealgorithm

Now here’s the thing, I’m not against this whole quest of making social media your career or to promote your career via social media, it’s all a part of new world marketing (which I enjoy and am actually currently studying), but I feel like genuity is sorely lacking here and there. Every industry has its flaws and I feel like it is important to acknowledge them. When did things like money, power and popularity overcome things like morals, values, love and support, legitimacy and honesty πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ?

I feel like all of this is no reason to hate social media or anyone on it, but to simply understand that building a life for yourself is far beyond social media popularity and monetisation, and also does not exclude basic morals and values.Β Don’t compromise your morals and values in an industry where social hierarchy is prominent and capitalism is a factor that has become a reality of social media.

And no, I’m not speaking about this because I’m hateful or bitter or anything of the sort. I’m speaking about this because it is a REALITY guys, sh*t like this is happening in any industry. Here are a few ways to make it better…

  • Never equate your numbers on social media to your worth. Just because you are a small blogger, photographer, creator or business, does not mean that you are invalidated by your numbers or monetary value. There are people out there who will support, love and enjoy your content, they should matter to you. You are just as valuable, creative and outstanding as any other creator on this platform. Your interaction on social media (be it low or high) does not instantly label the quality of your content, or even the impact you make in the community. You need to believe in you girl (or guy) πŸ™ŒπŸΌ! Believing in your own content attracts those who will believe in your content too, trust me on this.
  • The content you create and put out is always something that you should be proud of; it is your creation, means of self expression and is completely unique to you πŸ’•. Being true to yourself in the content that you create brings an air of personality, genuineness and relatability into what you are sharing, be proud of it.Β 
  • In order to combat the, sometimes, senility of the blogosphere and social media, it is so absolutely important for us to create a constant sense of community amongΒ our fellow bloggers. I personally make it a point to support my peers by always interacting with them on their posts. You never know how your comments may affect a persons mood or even how they feel about that very content that they have created. A person could feel lowly of their creation, but your kind words may have made them feel prouder of it. I mean, we all have those days right? And on the plus side! You may end up with a new friend 😊.
  • A very important point I would like to mention is that people need to understand that #Girlove or any other sort of women empowerment is NOT JUST A TAG OR TREND. Supporting your fellow females and creators should be incorporated into your life DAILY and NOT when it’s a tagged trend going around Instagram, it should not just be something you support upon occasion and are not seen supporting during any other time. It’s pretty common to see that someone will adopt a cause when it’s suited to them, but does not act on it’s premise, which is wrong in my humble opinion. Create a sense of unity, it’s a small way to working towards making the world a better place πŸŒπŸ’•.

Support in our community is something that I feel is so extremely important, whether you consistently interact with your peers or every so often leave them a sweet comment or message, it could make all the difference in creating a sense of harmony in our community. We should live, love and create together πŸŒΌπŸ’•.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and collaboration! Make sure to check out SabeehahΒ and the first part of this article on her blog Bitter Or Sweet!

Leave me your thoughts and feedback in the comment section 😊! Make sure to followΒ SabeehahΒ and her BlogΒ Bitter or SweetΒ πŸ’•.

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Take care Daisy kids! πŸ’•

Until the nextone,Β Au revoir!

I think it’s time to start afresh…

Hey guys, Hi…

It has been a pretty long while since I’ve posted on here, 2 and a half years to be exact.

To be honest, life just got busy. I had started working part time, studying full time and just…completely lost track of time altogether.

With the highs and lows, and lessons learnt, I can happily say that I will resume blogging once more! ❀️

To be honest, ever since I stopped blogging, this blog had always been on my mind. I would always be afraid to get back to it, for some reason or the other, and I would always think about the premise from which I began this blog…being a Daisy Kid. Being positive and good to the world around you and being true to yourself was what I always aspired to do, and what I feel like I have achieved over these few years of growth. It’s something meaningful to me, something that has been carried out in all of my endeavours and relationships over the past 2 and a half years. This blog truly means so much to me, as it was the beginning of some special relationships and endless kindness and support from my followers.

A LOT has changed since I had started blogging (and taken my hiatus). I had begun work, been focusing on my studies, had grown TREMENDOUSLY as a human being (growing stronger, more positive and happier) throughout the years and have definitely been enjoying micro-blogging on my Instagram!

I started micro blogging late last year, with the premise of me not necessarily going out of my way to attain my content. I had decided that if I were to undertake blogging again, I would do it in a way that is selfless and comes naturally to me. My best content usually are the pieces that are impulsively created, I was never necessarily a prepared blogger. With my Instagram though, I had really been trying to up my content quality, I had based my micro blogging primarily on my Instagram Stories, and a few posts amongst my regularly spontaneous posting. That’s just the essence of the type of blogger I am, and want to be. The type that’s spontaneous and genuine, true to myself, who I am, and what I portray. Never ever do I portray anything on social media that is far fetched from my own personality.

But anywho, here’s the thing, it’s time to start afresh for me. To revamp my blog. Not necessarily by looks, but by content πŸ™Š.

I’m particularly excited to couple my Instagram posts with my blog, with majority of my microblogging being done on Instagram, and my longer content and articles being posted here on my blog…Journal of a Daisy Kid 😊.

Yeah…this feels good 🌼.

Onwards and upwards! πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Part 35: Urm…I can explain.

Greetings to all of the Daisy kids in the world!

Yes, yes…I am back! I truly apologise for my lack of attendance within the blogosphere. If you had read my first post, in which I explain the symbolism of being a Daisy Kid, I stated that being a Daisy Kid encompasses constancy; a characteristic of which I had sorely disregarded… so do allow me the opportunity (before sharpening your pitch forks) to explain.

Firstly, up until a fortnight ago I (and every other Muslim around the world) had been engaged in the blessed month of Ramadhaan and felt that this month deserved every ounce of my time and effort.

After the tragic farewell to the most beloved month on the Islamic calender and the beautiful celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, I had received my study material from Unisa…this is when the hustle had begun! (And so had my stress)…

I have since then begun my studies (I am studying communication sciences and if anybody wishes to enquire about the degree, my details will be listed below) and felt that I needed to make it my number one priority- hence my further absence.

Anyway! I feel like I’ve got the grind under control and can now resume my blogger duties…just not as constantly as I usually would have 🙈 #Hypocrite

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful past month and will be happy to add Journal of a Daisy Kid back into their weekly routines!

Until the next post 😄

Daisy kid x

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